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All Straight 9 Sports LLC events are open rostered. Upon arriving at the event, the coach must present to the site director a roster of all players he/she intends on playing for that particular event for the duration of the event. Coaches must also have a copy of each players birth certificate on hand in case of an age protest. Our cut off date is May 1st so a player may not turn the next age up prior to May 1st of each calendar year. If a protest of players eligibility is found to be valid (either the player is too old or is not listed on the roster submitted) the game is an immediate forfeit. A player may only play on one team and shall not play on another team in the same event, regardless of age eligibility.


Upon check in to the event, the site director will give each team a dozen diamond baseballs for use in the event. After the event, the coach now has game grade baseballs to either use in other events or for practice (assuming he/she is prudent at having someone retrieve foul balls!) Straight 9 Sports L.L.C. will also provide each team a certificate of insurance to cover the players and coaches during the event at our expense!


Refund Policy

Since we have transitioned to a pay by credit card / debit card program, the following is our Refund Policy:

Our schedules are posted on Wednesday evenings for the ensuing weekend event.

1. If your team wants to play in one of our events, a simple phone call or email will place your team into our events as a "tentative team" and you will be shown on our list as such and demonstrated by your team name and age being entered as all lower case letters.

2. Your payment must be received by the Tuesday morning prior to the event in question in order to graduate from a tentative team displayed as a lower case entry to a "scheduled team" displayed as an Upper case or Capitalized team. With our program, that means payment must be made by Monday prior to the event in order to show up in our account by Tuesday, period.

3. Once we receive confirmation of your payment by Tuesday, your team will be scheduled to play. We will no longer accept payment at the event. Payment by mail is still acceptable but must be in the form of cashiers check or money order and must be received by Tuesday prior to the event. Any monies received after Tuesday will result in your team being excluded from the event. We will simply mail your funds back to you.

4. There are only 3 (three) reasons that refunds are applicable:

A. There are not enough teams in your age group to make. We set that minimum at 3 so if 3 teams in your age have been confirmed, and payment duly received, you are expected to participate.

B. Inclement weather

C. Acts of God or vandalism

If one, or a combination of any of the above take place, our goal and desire is to re-allocate the funds you have paid to another event. This is the easiest format for us to deal with with.

1. Failure to provide at least three teams in your age group - full credit to another event with no penalty - If your team request a refund, we will retain 10% of your entry fee for administrative cost and reimburse your team the balance due less the 10%

2. Inclement weather / Acts of God/vandalism - If we re - allocate these funds to another event, there is no penalty. We can NOT control the weather. If we have received payment and you opt to back out of an event because of inclement weather, we will retain $100.00 for administrative cost and send you the balance.

3. Our policy on weather is as follows: We have certain expenses once an event starts that can not be recouped. Our entry fees vary based on locations and contractual agreements with the various parks we utilize. Our events are all scheduled and advertised as either 4 game or 3 game guaranteed events. Take the entry fee, remove $50 fee for baseballs and insurance. The balance divided by the number of games guaranteed will give you a per game rate. Any games you lose in a weather altered event will be credited towards your next event at that rate. We will not return any money to parents or fans once they have entered the park! If a game starts, regardless of what inning we reach, it will count as a complete game in this capacity due to umpire expenses.

5. Once your monies are received, either by credit, debit, cashiers check, or money order on Tuesday prior to the event, the following policies are and WILL be in effect.

A. If your team backs out on Tuesday prior to the event, we will give you a 100% credit towards your next event

B. If your team backs out on Wednesday prior to the event, we will give you a 50% credit towards your next event

C. Any cancellations after Wednesday will result in a FULL FORFEITURE of your payment and NO credit will be given.


Our ultimate goal is to move our sport closer to what baseball is 9 Defenders represented by the same 9 batting with coaches utilizing substitutions according to federation rules. Our program is designed to show a progression towards that goal as players progress in age and maturity.

8U - 9 Batters up to the entire lineup with free substitution

9U and 10U - 9 Batters with up to 2 Extra Players. (total of 11 batters max)

11u and 12u - 9 batters with up to 1 extra player and a Dh (total of 10 batters max)

13u and 14u - 9 Batters with a DH (total of 9 batters max)

15u through 18u - Straight 9 Lineup - No EP or DH (total of 9 batters max)

All players not in the batting lineup are substitutes and are entered into and removed from the game according to federation rules.


We do not allow courtesy runners. If a coach feels the need to replace a pitcher or catcher on the bases, it must be done with a valid substitute with re entry rules based on federation rules. If your catcher is on base at the end of the inning, please have a coach or another masked player warm up the pitcher until your current catcher is ready for play.


Straight 9 Sports records pitching by innings and an inning is charged to a player when he assumes the pitching position and throws a warm up pitch or pitches to a batter if he opts not to throw any warm up pitches.

9U and 10U - 7 Innings

11U and 12U - 9 Innings

13U and 14U - 10 Innings

15U and 18U - Unlimited.

These limits are for a 2 day event and carry no maximum or minimums per day. However a coach opts to divide these innings is up to him and his players as long as the total number of innings is not surpassed. If your event is a round robin or all games are pool play, these limits will stay in force. If your team is in an event whereby bracket play will lead to an ultimate championship game, each player will receive one additional inning for that game in order to make our championship games more competitive and enjoyable.


Straight 9 Sports L.L.C. will use federation rules whereby a coach can visit the mound three times during the course of the game free of charge. On the 4th and every subsequent visit, a pitching change must be made. Remember that a visit to the mound that results in a pitching change prior to the 4th visit does not constitute a visit.


Straight 9 Sports will treat balks as an immediate dead ball.


All Straight 9 Sports L.L.C. games from 9U through18u carry a 1 hour and 50 minute time limit including championship games. 8u games are capped at 1 hour and 30 minutes. We will not start an additional inning once these limits have been reached so hustle your players on and off the field!!


If at the end of a complete game (either 6 or 7 complete innings) or a game in which the time limit has expired, and both teams are tied, we will play the international tie breaker for only one inning in pool play. If they remain tied, each team will be credited with a 1/2 win and 1/2 loss and we will continue our play to keep our event on time. Obviously, if we are in bracket play, we will continue this process until we determine a winner.


Teams can play with 10 defenders in the field with 2 coaches in the outfield if desired. Teams can bat there entire rosters if desired and utilize free substitution, teams are allowed to score a maximum of 5 runs per inning, period. The mercy rule for 8U teams is 11 runs after 4 innings. Defenders must stop the lead runner in order to halt play. The umpiring crew will make the determination of where other runners are placed based on the runners position at the time the lead runner is stopped. This is, and will be, at the umpires sole discretion.


9U through 14U are as follows: 15 after 3 innings 10 after 4 innings 8 after 5 innings 15U through 18U 10 after 5


Our seeding in bracket play or to determine order of finish in pool play/round robin events is determined by the following:

1. Best Record
2. If two teams are tied, and they have played each other , the winner of that game will be higher seed.
3. If the two teams with the same record who have not faced each other or three or more are tied, we use the following:

1. Run Differential- Plus or minus 8 - The team with the highest differential will be the higher seed. - the most a team can be credited is plus 8 and the most a team can be penalized is minus 8.

2. If teams are still tied , our next factor is least runs allowed

3. If we still have a tie, we will go to a coin flip!


8U through 12U - No bat restrictions - The bat may not be altered in any way - We will require, starting in 2015, that 12U must be a drop 8 or heavier so heads up for next year!

13U and 14U - Must be a drop 5or heavier, must be stamped BPF 1.15 or BBCOR, OR WOOD 15U through 18U - all wood , all the time!


Teams must have a minimun of 8 players to start a game, period. If a team starts with 9, and either due to injury or election, goes to 8, the vacated spot will be called an out everytime. If a team ever gets below 8 players, it will be recorded as either a 6-0 loss or 7-0 loss regardless of what the scores is at the time of the forfeit.















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